Residential Information

Move-in Day is busy. We arrange a move-in appointment of approximately 30 minutes for orientation, keys, and suite condition inspection report.

For regular emergencies, please call 250.801.1899. For medical or safety emergencies, call 911.

Please park in designated areas only as permitted by your parking pass. Display your parking pass clearly in your vehicle windshield.

Please note, parking lots are regularly patrolled by a towing company. You may be towed if parked in unauthorized areas.

Parking is available by reservation only. Visitor parking is available to non-residents only for a maximum of 2 hours unless a Guest Parking Pass is obtained and displayed in the visitor vehicle.

If you have a maintenance request, please email the Property Manager at or contact the Community Director at 250.801.1899

The heating and cooling system, a packaged terminal heating and cooling system (PTAC), operates on electricity. Therefore, it is important to optimize suite temperatures in order to minimize electrical costs. It is advised to set the programmable thermostat to a comfortable temperature when the tenant is home. To ensure there are no overcharges, it is recommended to reduce the temperature setting when the tenant is away during the day or on holiday. In the winter, it is recommended to set the thermostat to 15°C when not home. In the summer, set the thermostat to 25°C when not home.

Every suite is equipped with private wireless internet as well as data jacks for wired computer equipment.

24/7 customer support is available for internet service at 1.888.494.7678 or email:

Mail and packages can be mailed to the tenant’s personal mail box at the building. Small packages will be left in the parcel box and a key will be in the personal mail box to obtain the parcel. Larger parcels may need to be picked up at the local depot if the tenant is not home at time of delivery. The tenant is advised to give their telephone or enter-phone code to the delivery driver so they can be reached when the parcel arrives.

Garbage and recycling bins are provided in the parking lot. Please dispose of your garbage and recycling frequently in the marked bins.

If you lose your key or access FOB, please contact the Property Manager at or contact the Community Director at 250.801.1899.  Please note, replacement charges will apply.